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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

• I want to play! Where do I start?

All you need to do is click on Play Now or Register and follow the simple instructions. It’s so quick and easy that you’ll be shouting “Bingo!” in no time.

• Where do I download the game?

Our online Bingo games require no downloads and are played directly from your webpage. All you need is the latest Macromedia Flash Plug-in, which takes 1 minute to install on a 56k modem! This only has to be done once.

Winnings & Payments

• Is it safe to use a credit card online?

Absolutely! All our transactions are secured by a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption, the leader in online security. In addition to this, our servers are secured by state-of-the-art firewall technology. As a result your credit card information will always remain confidential.

• How do I fund my account?

Once you've registered at Giggle Bingo, you can log in and select “Banking” from your lobby. From there you can select your preferred deposit option and follow the easy prompts to make your deposit.

• When will the credits show in my account?

In most cases, funds will be credited to your Giggle Bingo account within 5 to 10 minutes. If it takes longer than 30 minutes, please email us. Type DEPOSIT in the subject line and let our support staff know your name, account details, time, time zone and the amount of your deposit. We will follow up within 24 hours to assist.

• I have a query about my account. What do I do?

Click here or email us and let the support staff know your name, account details, time and time zone and describe the problem in as much detail as possible. We will follow up within 24 hours to assist.

• Are my winnings taxable?

Giggle Bingo is under no obligation to report winnings to any authority. It is however your sole responsibility to understand and abide by any federal, state, local or foreign tax laws that may apply to your receipt of prize winnings.

• How are the prizes calculated?

The cash prize for each game is calculated as a percentage of the total value of the tickets for the current game. All other prizes, such as the Progressive ticker, are calculated as a percentage of the total value of total ticket sales.

• Is there always a winner?

Yes. Every game always has a winner.

• How do I get paid when I win?

Open the Banking page and select the “Cash Out” option. The cash out form will allow you to specify the withdrawal amount and payment method. You can expect a response from our accounts department within 24 hours.

• How do I check my account balance?

Go to Giggle Bingo and log into your account. Your balance is displayed on the screen.

• What happens if there is more than one winner?

In the event of more than one player having a winning ticket, the pool will be shared equally among all the lucky winners.

Playing games

• What are tickets?

In 90 Ball Bingo each ticket is made up of 3 rows and 9 columns. Each row has 5 numbered squares, while there will always be 4 free squares per row. Sets of 6 tickets are called Strips and in a strip, every possible number from 1 to 90 is distributed once only across these 6 tickets. Therefore, for every ball called, one number can be marked on any of the 6 tickets. In 75 Ball Bingo each ticket consists of a 5x5 grid full of random numbers from 1 – 75.

• How do I buy tickets?

In order to play you need to buy tickets either from the main games page or from the “Pre-Buy” Menu at the top of the games page. “Pre-Buy” provides the following options:

‐ Buy Games: Buy tickets in advance for future games

‐ Purchase History: View a history of the games you played and see what you won

‐ Accounts Summary: View a history of all your bonus credits

• How far in advance can I buy tickets?

You can buy as many tickets as you wish, up to 24 hours to 30 days in advance, depending on the particular game.

• How many tickets can I buy?

You can buy between 1 and 255 tickets per game. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning. Although there are only 6 tickets visible at a time on your screen, you can scroll across to view the rest, the game software will automatically keep track of all your tickets, and informs you if you win.

• How much do tickets cost?

Prices vary between 1c and $1 depending on the type of game and the time of day.

• Can I keep the same tickets for the next game?

This is not possible due to the fact that new and unique tickets are generated by the system to ensure that everyone has a fair and equal chance of winning.

• How do I keep track of how well my tickets are doing?

All of your tickets are displayed in the game with your best ticket showing prominently at the top of the game.

• How do I call BINGO?

The game will call BINGO for you automatically when it detects that you successfully formed the winning pattern. This doesn’t stop you from shouting it out loud just for giggles.

• How long does a game last?

At Giggle Bingo there is a game every 6 minutes. The average game normally lasts between 2 – 4 minutes. We also have Speed Bingo where there is a game every 2 minutes with the average Speed Bingo game lasting between 1:30 and 2 minutes.

• How many people will I be playing with?

That will depend on how many players are currently in the game. Check under Current Games on the game page to see how many players are in the room with you.

• Where can I chat?

Open one of your games (it will pop up in a new window) and type your message into the chat window to join the fun! Here you will make many new friends from all around the world. Our friendly Chat Hosts are standing by 24/7 to help you out whenever you need them.

• Can I join a game in progress?

Yes. You can currently join any game in progress provided that no more than 10 balls have been called for the game in question.

• If I join a game in progress do I have less of a chance of winning?

The odds of winning a game are not diminished if you enter the game after it has already started. When you enter the game your ticket is automatically daubed with all the numbers that have been called so far in the game.

• How long can I play without being disconnected?

Depending on your Internet connection, you can stay in the game for as long as you like, however you will be automatically logged out of the room if you remain inactive for 1 hour. Remember that you don’t even have to be at your computer if you have bought tickets in advance.

• When I log in, can I remain anonymous?

Your Nickname is the only identification that the other players will see. We encourage players to be creative in choosing a unique Nickname. Be aware that an alias/nickname can only be selected once. It is not possible to change this after you have selected it.

• I forgot my Password and/or Alias. How can I find out what it is?

Click here to get your Alias or Password reset.

• How old do I have to be to play?

Players must be at least 18 years old in order to be eligible to play.

• Why does the game sometimes have the same winners?

The game has been programmed so that winners are picked randomly. In other words we have no control of who wins or how many times they win. We all love to win, and just like in real life, players often go on lucky streaks. The odds of winning are equal to the rest of the players, so all you must do is wait for it to happen to you!

• What is Auto Daub?

We know how much you guys love to chat. That’s why we make Giggle Bingo game run in “Autodaub” mode. This means that you never need to mark off the numbers that have been called, and you will never miss a BINGO again!

• Can I buy tickets in advance even if I will be offline at the time the game is played?

Tickets can be purchased in advance using the Pre-buy option. This means that you can schedule specific games in advance, even if you can’t be online at the time. This is especially great for those special games that you don’t want to miss!

Chat games

• Why do there have to be 3 players actively chatting to play chat games?

Most of our games are designed for 3 or more players. The majority of our games are fairly competitive and we do not believe that it would be much fun, or fair, to play against just one other player.

• Why do you have to purchase 4 tickets to qualify for chat bonuses?

If we did not have this rule a player would be able to sign up and, without buying a single ticket, earn bonus bucks which they can use to buy tickets and win other players’ real money, without ever spending any of their own. Bonuses are an added incentive, a reward for players who have actually deposited their own money.

• How much are bonuses?

The bonuses vary – depending on the game and/or promotion.

• How long does it take for the bonus to be credited to my account?

These are credited once the chat game is complete and the winner/s have been determined.

Technical Questions

• I’m having technical trouble. Who can I contact?

If you are having technical difficulties, click here or email us and identify the nature of your issue in the subject line. Describe your problem in as much detail as you can, the time it occurred, the game you were playing, a screenshot, etc. Remember to also include your name, nickname/alias and email address.

• If my connection fails, do I lose my tickets?

Our software tracks every ticket purchased for every game played. So even if you’re disconnected, your tickets will still be played and your winnings will still be credited to your account.

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